Welcome to Taiwan Tea Crafts

Taiwan Tea Crafts is the B2C website of a small family-owned tea company established in rural Mingjian Township of Nantou County, right in the middle of the largest concentration of tea growers in Taiwan. We are growers, producers, finishers and wholesale exporters of the finest artisan teas this island produces. On top of making our own tea, our business is built upon 4 generations of family tea expertise and a long standing network of like-minded traditional tea producing families in all the important tea terroirs of Taiwan. This allows us a privileged channel to propose the best and most sought after teas not accessible otherwise.

As tea growers and producers ourselves, we speak the same language as our collaborators allowing us to develop unique partnerships with the objective of preserving traditional methods and skills (traditional farming practices, charcoal pit-firing, traditional fresh flower scenting, aging) as well as promoting a new approach towards sustainable practices is all aspects of tea production, as requested by our export customers. We consider that tradition and sustainability are pillar values that will help the Taiwanese tea sector survive and ultimately prosper. As a small island with a very fragile eco-system, Taiwan has it’s share of challenges. Moving away from a systemic chemical-compound-dependent agricultural model has become a necessity that not all see locally. We have made this commitment in our own gardens and in the partnerships we build.

Our unique approach is to take an active role in sharing the risk and financial burden of converting tea gardens to organic practices with like-minded tea growers in exchange for an access to clean teas. This is done in an open-book effort where knowledge and expertise is shared with a common goal of ensuring that future generations will be encouraged to continue the family business. We know we’ve made a positive impact in re-kindling an interest in tea cultivation with some young people in our community. The result of some of these endeavours are available throughout our catalogue. This is our small contribution towards a positive change for the benefit of our small community, as well as our growing worldwide customers.

We hope that your visit through Taiwan Tea Crafts will act as a window through which you can access the beauty of this island nation and its people and hopefully capture a sense of its rich heritage, diversity and unique character. Taiwan Tea and its rich craft culture and practices are emblematic symbols of the distinctive treasure Taiwan is. We also hope our teas will give you a taste of this!

The Taiwan Tea Crafts Team