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Looking forward to a glorious 2016 spring tea season in Taiwan

This year, you really had to believe in spring to garner the hope that winter’s cold and wet grasp would finally let go of this tropical island. Today, April 9th, we can finally say that the expected weather is upon us and spring teas are finally happening in Taiwan! Needless to say, this is an […]


Taiwan Tea Crafts vient à la rencontre des amateurs de thé de la francophonie européenne en juin.

Après un trop long silence, il fallait faire un retour remarqué… Nous marquons donc le coup en français, pardi! et pour une bonne raison!: Nous annonçons notre venue en sol européen au cours des 2 premières semaines de juin, et plus particulièrement celui de la francophonie européenne où nous comptons un nombre toujours grandissant d’amis du thé […]


A thousand guests for tea on the lawn, part 2: The children of tea

Children and tea, two words that are not frequently associated and certainly not in ways that implies a positive connection in certain western countries. Curiously, it is usually those same countries that consider normal to serve high sucrose content beverages and other processed concoctions from the food industry to their children… and here ends our social commentary. Our […]

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Giving a voice and a face to the never named high mountain tea terroirs of Taiwan

Everyone with an interest in Taiwanese teas has heard of Alishan or Shanlinxi High Mountain teas, to name only these two contiguous tea regions. But what about Meishan, Shibi, or Sancengping? For most, this could possibly be the first time you hear about these tea producing areas. But, on the other hand, if you drink […]