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Massive September revision with simplified shipping options and LOWER fares!

As of Sept. 18, 2023, we are happy to offer Air Mail Service to 84 destinations with expanded service options to more destinations. Most notably, pandemic-related surcharges that remained in place for many countries have been removed or dramatically decreased enabling us to reduce the shipping fares to a majority of destinations. This is true with both Mail Services and DHL Express.

We’ve also simplified our choice of shipping options with an emphasis on safety and deliverability. For that reason, the ePacket Mail Service Option introduced this past spring is no longer offered. This low cost trackable shipping option has proven to be plagued with deliverability issues with no information provided or compensation if something goes wrong. For your protection, we are now focusing exclusively on shipping options that require a signature at delivery. These are more reliable options with a safety net of options with the carrier if a delivery appears to take more time than expected.

Flat Rates continue to be the standard for all shipping options

This means that you pay a flat fee based on the lowest rate available for your destination. If you order many items that will make the order heavier or bulkier, your rate will not increase. We will assume the difference. This is our way of offering you a break for placing larger orders.

We don’t make shipping costs a profit generating fee at TTC. Not only do we make our customers benefit from our lowest negotiated contract rates, but, as always, we will continue subsidising these fees if you choose to place larger orders through our Flat Rate policy valid for all shipping options and all destinations.

The best way to check which shipping options are being offered for your destination is to log-in to your account or enter basic details like the Country, City and Postal Code in the BASKET TOTALS box of the shopping cart page. Flat rate costs and expected shipping times will be listed for all available shipping options for your chosen destination. For an outline of the differences between our available options check out the tabs below.

Please note that not all options are necessarily available for your destination

A good example of DHL’s GoGreen Plus Investments in Taiwan is the newly aquired fleet of Gogoros, Taiwan’s flagship electric scooters, for parcel pick-up or deliveries in our busy cities.

Introducing DHL Express GoGreen Plus Service

Taiwan Tea Crafts is proud to be part of the first 2% of Taiwan’s DHL customers to enlist in their worldwide GoGreen Plus program; a solution which helps businesses reduce the carbon emissions associated with their shipments. The program directly supports the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel and aims to reduce local air pollution emissions by operating 70% of its own first and last mile services with clean pick-up and delivery solutions, such as bicycles and electric vehicles. Taiwan Tea Crafts’ participation in DHL’s GoGreen Plus program is done through its own direct contribution. It is not financed by your shipping fees. In fact, as of Sept. 16, not only are all of our DHL shipments under the GoGreen Plus program but the vast majority of our DHL destinations now feature lower rates! For fast, reliable – and greener – shipping, we invite you to choose DHL Express GoGreen Plus. 

If you have any questions regarding shipping to your country, don’t hesitate to contact us

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