What to do on a rainy day? Well, drive up to the tea gardens in the mountains, of course!

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Waves of tea in a sea of bamboo

An entry full of pictures and very little words today. If it’s a rainy day in your neck of the woods like it has been for weeks here in central Taiwan, we’d like to cheer you up and show you how overcast days are probably the best moments to visit high mountain tea gardens here in Taiwan, as well as put a bit of colour in your day. We invite you to follow us as we move up into the central mountains to visit Lugu, the tea gardens of the Dalun and Longfengxia ridges of Shanlinxi and move back down the mountain into Zhushan Township and its “sea of bamboo”. We promise it will be breathtaking, and we will end out trip with a very rare sighting that’s well worth the peak. All you need for the full 3D effect is a good cup of high mountain oolong to enjoy the ride. Hop in!

 Here in central Taiwan, we’ve certainly  had our share of wet weather recently. There hasn’t been a day in the last month(s) or so where we didn’t have at least a drizzle, if not a good soaking. This is in sharp contrast to the dry winter and spring we’ve had. (yes, spring is mentioned in the past tense as it is summer here according to the lunar calendar). Farmers are now complaining of watery melon crops and mildewy vegetables. Mildew is also a problem in our closets these days, the dryer simply can’t do its job properly. But enough said about the miserable aspect of “weather”.

In the last few weeks, as the summer is becoming increasingly warmer there is a pattern that seems to settle in. We get a reprieve of rain in the afternoon as air masses seem to battle it out over our heads. The most remarkable aspect of this phenomenon is how the hazy soup in which we most often bathe seems to disappear for a few hours. The majestic beauty of the central ridge appears before us and tempts us with its beauty. Last week, we answered the call, jumped in the car just before 3 pm and headed into the mountains. We had no set itinerary or game plan. We simply followed the road to where it would lead us. If it meant getting lost that was part of the adventure. Sure enough, yet again, we had proof that living on the spur of the moment has more than its fair share of rewards.

We invite you to click on any picture to activate a panoramic slide presentation.


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