Today we leave the podium to TeaGuide who surprised us with a nice review of our teas. It starts with “I love Taiwan teas, …” How could not invite her to share her thoughts here! She gracefully accepted that we re-blog her article which we reproduce in its entire form with our accompanying comment. We invite you to follow TeaGuide here or on her Facebook Page. Thank you TeaGuide ! Read more

The 85th Oscar Awards shines on Taiwan as Li An (Ang Lee) receives the best Director Award for Life of Pi. Taiwan Tea Crafts joins in to celebrate a great director, a great man, and one of the best promoter of Taiwanese culture throughout his brilliant film career. Today, we will ride the wave of this year’s Oscars and share our love of cinema and Taiwan, all in one package, by re-exploring and inviting you to (re-) discover one of Li An’s earlier movies that beautifully showcases Taiwanese cuisine … and one of Taiwan’s tea institutions: the Wistaria Tea House of Taipei.

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If you know Taiwan the slightest bit, you are probably aware of the omnipresence of scooters on this island. They are everywhere — scaringly so, some will say. Not only does everybody own one but Taiwan is also a major producer of these two-wheeled contraptions, and good ones too! And, if you know the author of these lines a bit, you will know that I’ve been an adopter of this component of the Taiwanese lifestyle well before I became a resident of this island. Read more

It’s been not even 2 weeks since rows of young tea bushes have found a new home in the red earth adjacent to our compound and consequently changed life’s pace for this writer. Just like a proud new father who is struck with the responsibility of caring for new living creatures, one gets up much earlier than usual since then, and without any additional effort might I add. The giddy pride and simple pleasure of witnessing life taking root get’s us out of bed and into our wellies for an attentionate daily hand watering before it gets too hot. Read more

What started off as a construction project for a new tea factory a few months ago has taken a new twist in the last weeks. Thanks to goodwill, a long-term vision and a bit of government regulation, a new tea garden is taking shape in our own backyard. Here’s a first picture instalment in a new series of articles chronicling the activities surrounding this new venture as we slowly move towards the goal of sampling the first cups made from our backyard bushes. Make yourselves comfortable as the ride will take a good two years to reach that step! Read more

As we travel around our beautiful island visiting tea producing friends, we always make a point of stopping by interesting shops for a cup and chat here and there. Last time we were in Pinglin, right in the heart of the famous Bao Zhong tea producing area of the Wen Shans, we visited a shop that has been there for 3 generations now, and is a must stop when in Pinglin. There is so much history inside these walls, and very friendly people as well! How can you find this shop? Simple. As you arrive in Pinglin from the old road that twists through the mountains from Taipei, make your way to the central plaza where the most recognizable landmark of the perpetually pouring Big Teapot will signal you to look to your left. Move in the direction the spout is pointing, and there they are! Read more

An unusual surprise awaited the father-in-law when he woke up and drew open the curtains of his tea garden bungalow on this morning of January 4, 2013. A thick coat of snow brought a different light to the usual duller green scenery of dormant tea bushes in his organic tea garden in the mythical tea terroir of the Huang Shan mountains of Anhui in China. Read more

I will have to admit, I love top 10 lists. I also love this time of the year for all the retrospective TV shows that look back on the events of the last year. I think it is healthy to take a moment and look back into the rear view mirror. It gives us a better perspective of where we are now, what we’ve accomplished, and if we wish, move on to the next step: plan the route ahead (some call this resolutions). At least, it’s a process that can justify the infusion of some good leaves to help in the process of reviewing your notes and, most certainly, re-validate your selection! Now, of course, we do this for fun. And, of course, this a purely subjective list, and the comments are very personal as they reflect some of the highlights of my past year’s experience in Taiwan. Nonetheless, the comments are genuine and well thought out. Read more

 Today, Taiwan Tea Crafts proposes a short historical chronology to explain the presence, and rebirth, of Black Tea in Taiwan. There’s nothing like a good story to make us further appreciate the tea we are sipping, especially if you are drinking a superb black tea from Taiwan!

It may come as a surprise to many tea enthusiasts that only consider Taiwan as a source of magnificent oolongs, but Taiwan has also a long history of producing black teas that date back to the early 1920’s. Then under Japanese rule, Taiwan was chosen as the territory to launch an economic offensive to compete against the rule, if not the monopoly, of the British Empire over black tea. Why such a venture you may ask? We are not sure to be quite frank (in fact, we will research this further and get back to you on it). Nevertheless, Yuchi township, situated on the shores of the scenic Sun Moon Lake of central Taiwan, was chosen for it’s perfect climate and soil for the growing of Assamica tea bushes and build a successful black tea industry. Read more


It’s a grey foggy Sunday over the tea fields surrounding us at Taiwan Tea Crafts. What to do, what to do?… Well baking of course!… of tea, that is! Mmmm, the buttery caramelized aroma of roasted oolongs. To taste what comes out of our ovens try our Organic Dong Ding Oolong, Lot 134. Divine!